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Changing Chery Elara hydraulic fluid

Lubrication Specialist
David Jones
Do you know how to check hydraulic fluid in your auto, I’ll show you the article about hydraulic fluid checking the right way!
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Comments on how to fix hydraulic fluid on a Chery Elara:
Well done I agree perfect video
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I personally think that your car will look even better with new rims looks nice now but it will look better with rpf1
ugly. 2006 audi better
My car makes a shhh noise when I push down on the pedal, no hard brake. Vacuum leak?
my dad used to have a friend that had one that looks exactly like this one and he can't drive 30 minutes without the engine overheating.
Thank you sir, you are the man.
remember the day when I'm with you 2019
My back seat release mechanism won’t release one side is there a video for help with this please
Waarom word er nog steeds over 464 PK gesproken, PK is een eenheid uit de koets tijd...en dit is helemaal elektrisch... KW is de eenheid van nu
Grasias dios le bendiga porfavor
On August 1-6, I rented this same car at the SEA-TAC Airport in Seattle. I have never been as impressed with a vehicle as I was with a Ford Fusion Hybrid. It took a few miles to realize how the cruise control was working. I'm almost ready to go to my local dealer to buy one. This car is sweet.
You saved my life!!! Thank you!!!
This video helped me very much. Thanking for taking the time to film this and explain the procedure.
Such a groundbreaking design...even now.
Yeah it worked! Thanks for your video.
My fuse keeps blowing for my 2007 Mkz Lincoln rear daytime running lights? Any suggestions.
Our new CRV is the same. Stupid design. So tell me this. How do you get the car out of accessory mode when you want to leave and lock the car without starting it up and shutting it off again? There is something to be said for the old turn key Like on my Tundra.
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