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How to check if NSU RO 80 brake shoe spring is bad

Brakes Specialist
John Williams
If you ask how to install brake shoe spring in your vehicle, you can see the tutorial how to replacing brake shoe spring when it's time!
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Comments on how to fix brake shoe spring on a NSU RO 80:
i broke the hold down bolt when replacing it. Bought retap tool and drilled too far and oil leaked through. Is there a fix for this or am i screwed?
Killin it
So who uses the kit L-Wrenches as the primary tools to work on their RC car?
Ahhh... the good old 'engine of death'... gotta be the worst motor they ever built.
beautiful, ace. worked for me!
1991 ford f250 had too tight of area to get a wrench down on the glow plug threads. Found a nut just large enough to go over the glow plug and used something to push against the nut while turning the glow plug with impact or air ratchet. It worked great on getting the 4 glow plugs out that were swollen.
1.3 CDTI engine's are shite!!!
Hey man, I'd say that bowl hole is a tad wide, but other than that great job!
I need to replace original glow plugs with around 75,000 miles on an Audi TT MK2 so I assume they are either going to be very tight or stuck and i'm worrying that i'm going to snap a plug and there would be no way I would be able to remove it like you easily do in your videos so would leaving all 4 plugs soak in fully synthetic engine oil over night help, or penetrating oil? All of my local garages say they just do a straight swap when it comes to glow plugs replacement but shouldn't the carbon be removed and threads cleaned using a reamer tool? Any advice you could give me I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
so glad I found your vids :)
Horribel Slang for non native speaker, but good explanation... Thank you..
I wish there was more glass like this around
Nice set have it all covered
The injectors just pop off? Or they can become loose? Mine has the same sound as they're leaking but not all the time
Are you really trying to taste the tobacco smoke after sticking a butane flame in the bowl like that?
Thanks for the video!  Should the insert be lubed before it's threaded in?
twas amazing and even if i never blow glass I felt like ive lernt a few things
Black blends with nothing mate. Unless you plan on only moving at night. Seems you put a lot of thought into whats in it. But some camo goes a long way into not having to use whats in the bag. Multicam is my suggestion.
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