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Installing adjustment motor on MINI Cooper 3D

Electrical & Lights Specialist
Michael Scott
Do you know how to remove adjustment motor in your automobile, you can see the video manual how to install adjustment motor when it's time!
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Comments on how to fix adjustment motor on a MINI Cooper 3D:
thank you man but i have a problem with door lock on my toyota Avensis 2002 so can you tell me please how can i fix it.
Bhai koi tareeka hai jisse car chalte ... bhi video chalti rahe?
Paul, you are awesome. Any time I can avoid a trip to the dealership by sacrificing 2 paperclips I jump on it.
Great insights! I need to change out my passenger side fog light assembly. Any chance you know if I need to remove it from the tire side or the front? Thanks!!!
thanks for the helpful video
Hey Kleantrix I have a question. Do these light bulbs also fit the Accord's headlight strip housing?
Excellent Video, both informative and entertaining.
Im 13 years old and i just done my first driving lesson earlier. switching gears in a manual car is hella easy but i always oversteer
How do you wire so the switch doesn’t stay on even when truck is off. Would it drain the battery is switch is on all the time?
Just an FYI. Somewhere I remembered reading that when cruise control acts like this to check all your bulbs. My 08 Savana 1500 van had one of the two break light bulbs above the rear doors out. Replaced the bulb and cruise control is now back in working condition. Easier than replacing tha break switch but only time will tell if I have further problems.
The annoying music makes it hard to focus on what is being said. Was it really necessary?
Not comparing apples to apples when you take a turbo diesel. Compare the V6.
Ya I’m working on a 06 Cummins had the right trailer light go out checked power at the tipm had it so cut the wire and ran a new one to the back of the plug now no power up at the tipm if it throws a code do u have to reset it with a code reader or maybe unplug the battery’s for awhile kindof lost on what happen and what I need to do
He picked the right guy to make the video. Chad I’ve got to click the link and buy a pair. Thx for the tips
My 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 ls automatic is hitting 30mph at 4k rpm and 70 at 5500rpms. Transmission shifting problems and don't know what to look for
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