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Installing Daihatsu Taft intake manifold gasket

Engine Professional
John Williams
Do you know how to change intake manifold gasket in your auto, I’ll show you the video manual about intake manifold gasket replacement by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix intake manifold gasket on a Daihatsu Taft:
Om rocky saya tenaganya udah enak setelah ganti feed pump sama plunger plus rotorhead, cuman penyakit getar pas idlenya belum ilang om, kira kira itu karna kerusakan komponen apa ya om di bospomnya? Saya belajar dari youtube om, puji tuhan bisa bongkar pasang dan setting manual dan tenaga mobil udah enak banget sekarang, cuman getarnya belum ilang. Pernah pasangin bosmpom copotan yg kena penyakit asap putih, idlenya halus banget, mesin ga getar pas idle.
Selamat siang, pak. Boleh minta no WA nya?
With T's try bundling 3 or 4 together.
This should have been done from the start, but wasn't... You should open the top of the brake fluid reservoir before you push the pistons back into the caliper.. (1). it will go in easier.. (2). You wont blow the lid or even damage a brake line from the pressure.. Please look 6:18. If you have some brake fluid spill from the brake master cylinder, its ok.. Just clean and make sure you top it off when your done.. (3). DON'T FORGET TO CLOSE THE LID AND PUMP THE BRAKES TILL THEY ARE FIRM BEFORE HITTING THE ROAD!!! OK GOOD LUCK!! HOPEFULLY THIS INFO HELPS YOU OUT FOLKS!!
What are the part numbers for the cam caps? Where can I buy new ones? What is the technical name? I NEED HELP!
Hey, where can I find the brake hardware that goes on top of the brakes and in between the pins if I need to replace them? Or do they come with the new pads?
Simples e direto.Muito bom.Obrigado
esta muy lindo a que precio esta
Imagine the maintenance bill on that sucker if you had to bring it to a Audi dealer o.O
I stopped watching... after 10 adverts one after another
Good luck indeed...You’ll need it. The head of the screw holding the pressure gauge has rusted off completely. Why wouldn’t Poolrite use stainless here? Great presentation though, many thanks Kiwi:)
Those old chevys take a few minutes sometimes for 4x4 to kick in especially in the cold. And its gonna squeak it's almost 30 years old
Is it legal through insurance
That is one damn nice truck.
i30 right?
We are legends watching TV
The Type B AFDD Combination RCBO costs £115! Yikes! If you have 15 circuits and want all protected? Do the maths.
I'm having a hard time getting the starter bolts off as well as the top bolt on the passenger side. It's hard to get to and they are really tight. Any tips? I have a 1 inch electric impact but it's pretty big and doesn't fit anywhere it seems
Cómo ago para hacer tiempo con los auto yo tengo el Fiat uno con nitro
Great looking set up. Better than others I’ve seen with a two pc front lower and top upper control arm set up. You have the straight 6 right? I wonder if the front upper and lower is on 4.7 v8? I’ll look into it on my own. I do like going with longer springs no pucks for me, I need to weld in coil spring supports I’m in NY and rust sucks. Thanks for the videos helps out.
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