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Test Renault Alpine A310 expansion valve

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Kevin Thompson
Do you know how to change expansion valve in your vehicle, you can see the quick tutorial for expansion valve repair step by step!
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What condition does the automatic expansion valve on a Renault Alpine A310?

The automatic expansion valve maintains constant pressure inside the evaporator no matter what the load inside the evaporator is.

What happens when TXV is stuck closed on a Renault Alpine A310?

A small amount of refrigerant vaporizing will cause a lower pressure. High Superheats - High superheats also are caused by the evaporator and compressor being starved of refrigerant. With the TXV restricted, the evaporator will become inactive and run high superheat. This will cause the compressor superheat to be high.

What are the symptoms of a bad TXV on a Renault Alpine A310?

Bad TXV valve symptoms
  • There is frost on the evaporator
  • Your unit is blowing warm air
  • The AC compressor is running constantly

How does a electronic expansion valve work?

The electronic expansion valve (EEV) operates with a much more sophisticated design. EEVs control the flow of refrigerant entering a direct expansion evaporator. They do this in response to signals sent to them by an electronic controller. A small motor is used to open and close the valve port.

How do you adjust an Renault Alpine A310 expansion valve?

Why and How to Adjust a TXV / TEV - The amount of pressure that it allows into the evaporator. So it actually starts to close down and restrict the more it restricts. The lower the suction pressure drops.

What causes the automatic Renault Alpine A310 expansion valve to close?

As the pressure in the evaporator decreases, the valve opens and allows more refrigerant to flow through it. As the pressure increases, the valve closes and allows less refrigerant to flow through it.

How do you replace the expansion valve on a Renault Alpine A310?

How to Replace the Expansion Valve - Renault Alpine A310 5 3 - So this big one just put a screw a tiny screwdriver on the slot right there and it should release. And then disconnect unwrap the foam. And take out this black box for better access.

When the heat load on the evaporator increases the automatic expansion valve on a Renault Alpine A310?

T/F: As the load on an evaporator increases, the automatic expansion valve will open to allow more refrigerant to enter the evaporator.

What size TXV do I need on a Renault Alpine A310?

TXV sizing should be based on the compressor capacity and the evaporating temperature conditions at which the system needs to be operating. It's also necessary to determine how much pressure drop will be available to the expansion valve. Nungesser describes pressure drop as being similar to a faucet in your house.

Can a bad Renault Alpine A310 expansion valve cause high pressure?

If the expansion valve is stuck open or clogged, the AC system won't cool properly. A clogged valve leads to insufficient refrigerant, increasing the pressure in the system and causing the AC compressor to overheat.
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