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Xiali Vela rubber metal buffer replacing

Suspension Professional
Ryan Lee
Do you know how to change rubber metal buffer in your automobile, take a look how to replace rubber metal buffer easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix rubber metal buffer on a Xiali Vela:
Looks good man, what else do ya plan on doing to it? I gotta 2015 Impreza hatchback, so these vids are helping quite a bit.
Thank you, great video, for explaining this process.
I really enjoy your videos. Keep em coming!!
Волосы на голове шевелется от такого.
30 minutes later,all state on fire...
Very clean. Wheels look good
Miss your vids mate, excited for the next episode!
Hello. I’m going for my class A permit in Colorado which videos will help benefit the most? Please and thank you.
Were you get your wheel bearing man?
Sorry I missed your build. Was on my way to Australia
Benim araç ta el freni lambasi yanip duruyor neden olabilir acaba tskler
HI ..., You may want to pull the code from the computer, that should tell you exactly what has failed and is causing the light(s) to come on.
that's odd, that's a 2 years old vehicle
Ditto on 2004 e320, same problem, same fix. Parking brake release clicking sound much more clear in back wheels after the fix as expected.
'invest in your skills' well said...
Dear sir Please make a video on Tata manza petrol also
You guys are great together that's true love right there quality time together is important love you guys keep up the great work Eric
' That's the gentleman's Air Force and don't you forget it.' love these old school men, these are the men that built America, not like the pansies that are coming out of our colleges and universities today, their just whinners. That can't even make their way out of momma basement. I did lots of pipefitting in my day and I don't miss it one bit. lol But I do miss fabrication.
What is the purpose of the retaining clip?
Hi, I really have been liking your Podcasts, I'm an RN, I'm a Wellness Coach, & I have Chronic Illnesses, I wanted to say since I've been reaching out to others while off work in groups & on my pages, that many people also in the US & in Canada aren't supported as they need by their family,so they're treated with Stigma, by them & their Family, especially anyone that's not working due to they often look fine, but not well enough to work than they get Secondary mental Illnesses from Stigma. Do you find this as well?
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